Biography & Aspirations

I currently hold a position of Lead Manager at the Financial Crime Threat Mitigation department at HSBC.

Prior to joining HSBC, I worked at IBM as R&D engineer at Cracow Software Lab for almost 6 years. Beyond engineering, I participated in the University Relations development program and actively followed interns and master students on research-oriented projects.

In parallel of my activities at IBM, I pursued a Ph.D. at Poznan University of Technology, under the supervision of Pr. Robert Wrembel, in the field of Machine Learning with a focal point on explainability and with applications to the justice domain.

I received a master of science degree (diplome d'ingénieur) from the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) in France, where I had the opportunity to work with Inria TAO team (machine learning and optimization), under the supervision of Pr. Marc Schoenauer, on the project DESCARWIN funded by the National Agency for Research.


ECHR Open Data

First dataset and database for ML learning problems based on the European Court of Human Rights documents.

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Hypergraph Case-Based Reasoning

Fast and modern C++ implementation of the new classification method developped during my doctoral studies.

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High-performance C++14 optimal solver for a multiobjective AI planning problem called MultiZeno.

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General white-box object-oriented C++ framework dedicated to the flexible design of mono and multiobjective metaheuristics.

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Memetic approach to solve planning problems using a combination of a genetic algorithm and a local solver.

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